CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.55, No.1, Jan. 2017
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.616)


Happy New Year 2017
By K. Maruyama

Special Issue : New Generations in Concrete Engineering

1. New Generations in Civil Engineering Material
1. 1 Walk Together with Concrete
By N. Takeda
1. 2 Performance Evaluation of Bridges Deteriorated by Salt Attack
By Y. Tanaka
1. 3 Back to the future
By Y. Kawabata
1. 4 Transmission and Propagation of Concrete Technology
By T. Usui
Summarization : Toward a Bright Future
By K. Kawai
2. New Generations in Civil Engineering Structure
2. 1 I Will Continue to Think About the Cracks of Concrete
By T. Nakamura
2. 2 Study on the Railway Concrete Structures
By S. Todoroki
2. 3 My Turning Point -Engagement in Seismic Performance Verification of Underground Structures-
By T. Shimabata
2. 4 Research and Development Related to Concrete in the Past, and the Future
By H. Ogura
Summarization : ABC as Researcher
By K. Uji
Column-1 : Activities of Young Engineers Association in JCI Kanto Chapter
By N. Chijiwa
3. New Generations in Building Material
3. 1 Adventure in the Real Concrete World
By T. Fukuyama
3. 2 A Way to be a Researcher
By A. Teramoto
3. 3 As a Female Concrete Engineer
By A. Ogawa
3. 4 The Near Future Technology of Concrete in the Relationship with General Contractors
By M. Sakai
Summarization : Bright Future of Promising Youngers in Building Materials Field
By S. Hatanaka
4. New Generations in Building Structure
4. 1 My Experience with Concrete in Past 15 Years and My Thoughts toward the Future 15 Years
By T. Akita
4. 2 Approach to a Fact, to Know Essentials
By K. Matsukawa
4. 3 Studying about Concrete with the Senses
By A. Nakamura
4. 4 Think about RC Structure after the Earthquake
By D. Hinata
Summarization : Believe on New Comers in Structural Engineering Field
By Y. Kai
Column-2 : Activity Report of Hokkaido Chapter Next Generation Group
By N. Onishi
5. New Generations in Complex / Challenging Fields
5. 1 How to Make Numerical Models of Existing Structures -For Implementation of V&V-
By M. Nishio
5. 2 Feasibility Study of Lunar Concrete
By N. Hatanaka
5. 3 The Principle of Fluidity and Immutability in Concrete
By H. Hyodo
Summarization : Age of Muddling Through
By S. Suzuki

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