CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.55, No.5, May 2017
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.620)


Which do you prefer, Concrete Structures and Timber Structures ?
By H. Sakata

Special Issue : Global Perspective -Active Engineer and Technology Development in the World-

Overseas and Japan Affairs
1. Overseas Study
1. 1 PhD Study at TU Freiberg, Germany
By K. Takahashi
1. 2 Research Stay in Germany with a Research Fellowship Granted from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
By K. Onoue
1. 3 Development of Upgrading Method for Existing Structures Using UHPFRC in Switzerland
By T. Makita
1. 4 The Importance of Objectivity -Through the Research on Recycled Aggregate Concrete in University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign-
By A. Teramoto
1. 5 Go Abroad to Get Something
By T. Fukuyama
1. 6 Experience of Short Visit to Indonesia
By K. Yamashita
2. Overseas Design and Construction
2. 1 Concrete Production and Casting in the Overseas Civil Projects -The Issues Experienced by Japan ODA Infrastructure Projects in Vietnam-
By H. Yamaji
2. 2 Application of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (=SFRC) Segment in Singapore MRT Project
By T. Araki and S. Iwasaki
2. 3 The Transition of Concrete Bridge Type in Indonesia Since 1980
By M. Bessho and N. Tanaka
2. 4 Design of RCC and Construction Example for RCC Dam at Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project
By T. Tabuchi, Y. Murakami, M. Asakawa and Y. Aosaka
2. 5 Large Scale Industrial Floor Slab Construction Example in Thailand
By T. Kanda, Y. Narutaki H. Momose and K. Ishizeki
2. 6 The Condition of Ready-Mixed Concrete in Vietnam -Technological Development in a Decade
By A. Matsui
3. Overseas Technical Cooperation
3. 1 Present Status and Issues of Cooperation for Infrastructure Development in Developing Countries
By A. Nakamura
3. 2 Overseas Sales Promotion of International Standard Cements and Providing Technical Services to Support Conformity with Local Concrete Standards
By K. Tada, Y. Mitani and S. Tanaka
3. 3 Japan's Cooperation with Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Sector of Transport Infrastructure Development
By A. Shimada
3. 4 Circumstance of Bridges and Maintenance Activities in Developing Country
By M. Watanabe and Y. Mizota
3. 5 Assignments of JICA Road Administration Advisor in Central Asia
By T. Tanaka
3. 6 Mini-hydropower Development Project in North End of Lao PDR
By J. Tamakawa, LE Phuong Tung, S. Shiraiwa and M. Ohya
4. Overseas Technical Development
4. 1 Problems on the Transference of Japanese Technology to Foreign Countries
By Y. Nakajima
4. 2 Infrastructure Inspection Technology Overseas and Human Resource Development
By M. Matsumoto
4. 3 An Experience of Design of Railway Viaducts in Asia
By N. Matsumoto
4. 4 Rationalized Construction Technique of R/C Columns in Overseas Construction
By K. Kanemoto
5. Overseas Research
5. 1 Experimental Study on Effective Utilization of Concrete with High Volume Supplementary Cementitious Materials in Asian Region
By N. Tsuchiya, T. Koyama, C. Kiyohara and T. Kage
5. 2 Investigation of Standards and Construction Examples for Effective Use of Concrete Containing High Volume Supplementary Cementitious Materials
By E. Nakamura, Y. Dan, H. Watanabe and T. Noguchi
5. 3 A Survey Report on Female Manpower of Construction Industry in Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Japan
By K. Hama
5. 4 Performance Evaluation of High-speed Railway Bridge Based on Deck Acceleration
By K. Matsuoka

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