CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.55, No.6, Jun. 2017
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.621)


What are Effective Educational Tools for People Learning Concrete?
By M. Nagayama
Manual for Maintenance of Highway Bridge Decks 2016
By T. Ogata, K. Kubo and M. Honma
Development of Technology to Improve Hammering Test
By N. Utagawa, M. Yasunaga and T. Sugimoto
Characteristics of the Concrete with Blast Furnace Slag Fine Aggregate and Fly Ash and its Applications
By C. Yoshizawa, H. Mine and Y. Ishikawa
Replacement of RC Slab with Precast Prestressed Concrete Slab at MICHITANIDAINI BRIDGE of Chugoku Expressway under the Condition of Open to Traffic
By K. Kirikawa, S. Sugisako, M. Yamaguchi and Y. Mitsuda
Design and Construction of the Super High-rise Building with Deep Underground Structure
By T. Ninomiya, M. Sugimura, Y. Yoshino and T. Komuro
The Actual Circumstance of Pavement with Permeability Concrete at Shanhai City in China
By N. Tsuyuki
My Memory in ICAAR
By K. Torii

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