CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.55, No.8, Aug. 2017
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.623)


Concrete will be Intelligent Material?
By T. Maruya
Outline of "Recommendations for Mix Design, Production and Construction Practice of Concrete with Expansive Additive and/or Shrinkage Reducing Admixture" of the Architectural Institute of Japan
By M. Kanematsu, M. Tsujino, H. Nishi and T. Nawa
Use of Low-Quality Recycled Aggregate for Structural Concrete
By Y. Dosho
Development of Half-Precast Structure for Use as RC Wall Member in Open-Cut Tunnels
By Y. Yoshimura, G. Hirochi, D. Takeuchi and I. Nakaya
Development and Operation of Non-Destructive Inspection Device for Inspection of Stay-Cables -Self-Propelled Stay- Cable Inspection Device-
By H. Sakai and G. Ohashi
Construction of Ribbed Concrete Walls
By Y. Hayashi, M. Hashimoto and T. Yoshihara
Case about Improvement of Safety and Ingenuity Applied to a Partial Repair Work of a Subway Station
By K. Iwahashi, T. Shimada, T. Saito and Y. Uno
Preservation of Historical Masonry Building by House Moving
By T. Kitamura, K. Tohkai, F. Kawagishi and M. Onishi
"If I Build My House" Again
By T. Tochigi
Looking Back on Past Concrete Structures
By M. Awano

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