CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.55, No.9, Sep. 2017
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.624)


My Sincere Thanks to Qualification Business of JCI and a Proposal on Nurturing Talented Committee Members
By S. Hatanaka

Special Issue:State-of-the-art of Productivity-oriented Concrete Technology

  1. Overview
    1.1 Improving the Overall Productivity of Concrete Work (Adopting Overall Optimization (by Standardizing Specifications Governing Concrete Work))
    By T. Yahagi and H. Tsutsumi
    1.2 JFCC Activities to Improve Productivity
    By S. Yamazaki
    1.3 Standardization of Technical Standards on Concrete
    By T. Kage
  2. Contract and Design Processes
    2.1 Contract and Productivity Improvement
    By T. Ishibashi
    2.2 Works of Improvement for Construction Productivity in Expressway
    By A. Homma
    2.3 Approach and Vision of the Improvement of Productivity about Concrete Structure in Design Work
    By Y. Kobayashi and M. Kanemitsu
    2.4 Enhancing Design and Build Contract
    By T. Kaneta
  3. Cast-in-place Concrete and Rebar
    3.1 Pre-mixed Cement Containing Silica Fume
    By T. Harada, M. Kojima and H. Nakayama
    3.2 High Strength and Low Water Absorption Blast Furnace Slag Coarse Aggregate for Concrete
    By H. Tobo
    3.3 The State of the High Fluidity Concrete
    By Y. Koshiro
    3.4 High Speed Construct on Riverbon 1 275 Multi Spiral Hoop
    By Y. Yamazaki and M. Sakashita
    3.5 Mechanical Anchor
    By J. Sakuta, Y. Ishikawa, A. Tasai and M. Maeda
    3.6 Productivity Improvement by Ready Mixed Concrete Continuous Management System using Probe
    By Y. Hirofuji
    3.7 Study on Floor Concrete Work( Placing, Finishing), to Improve both the Quality and the Productivity
    By K. Andou and T. Hirano
    3.8 Development of Remote Control Robot for Concrete Slab Finishing
    By Y. Nakamura
    3.9 Efficiency Improvement of Concrete Construction using Formwork Embedded with Sensors
    By R. Kitagaki
  4. Factory-made Products
    4.1 Current Status of Utilization of Precast Concrete Products and Issues for Dissemination
    By M. Nasu
    4.2 Full Precast Concrete Construction for Building Frame with High Productivity and Versatility
    By K. Sugaya, K. Hasuo, M. Nakajima and S. Teruya
    4.3 Precast Concrete Method of Beam-Column Connection and Sheathless Tube Method
    By M. Fuchimoto
    4.4 An Application of Architectural Precast System to Railway Viaduct Structure
    By N. Kita, H. Mikura, M. Okamoto and T. Tadokoro
    4.5 Action for the Improvement of the Reliability of the Mechanical Jointing Construction
    By T. Sasaya
  5. ICT·Quality Control
    5.1 Productivity Improvement with Construction BIM
    By H. Sone
    5.2 Quality Control of Concrete using Information and Communication Technology Linked with Civil Information Modeling
    By T. Suemune and M. Tanaka
    5.3 Application Example of RFID Tag to Concrete Structure
    By A. Eriguchi, H. Hayano, T. Sato and Y. Isaka
    5.4 Development the Rebar Inspection System
    By S. Chae and T. Nakamura
  6. Future Prospects
    6.1 Mutually Linked Design, Construction and Maintenance for Infrastructures in Future
    By K. Maekawa
    6.2 What Should Be Discussed Concerning the Productivity of Architecture & Building in the 21st Century?
    By S. Matsumura
    6.3 Management Technologies for Productivity Improvement
    By N. Mine

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