CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.55, No.10, Oct. 2017
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.625)


For the Advance of Technology
By T. Kanno
Outline of Guide Book for Fire-Resistive Performance of Structural Materials(2017) by AIJ
By M. Umemoto, T. Morita, H. Kajita and T. Hirashima
Expansion of Scope of Application of Mechanical Rebar Anchorage Method Contributing to Productivity Improvement and Performance Evaluation -Taking Plate-Anchored Shear Reinforcing Bars as an Example-
By A. Hata, M. Ohmiya, T. Yamamoto and J. Nakahara
Productivity Improvement for a Prestressed Concrete Bridge by Using U-shaped PC Girder Shin Tomei Expressway
By K. Kawashiri, K. Ono and K. Yamada
Design and Construction of the First Renewal Project in Tomei Expressway -Bridge Slab Replacement of Mochimune Viaduct( Down Line)-
By O. Sanada, T. Sato, H. Yoshimatsu and M. Kitagawa
Rapid Construction Method for Bridge Pier Using Precast Concrete Form
By S. Tomiyama, M. Imashioya, M. Yoshikawa and H. Ikeya
Impressions of Steel and Concrete Structure
By K. Nogami
Concrete Course of the University 40 Years Ago
By K. Asano

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