CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.55, No.12, Dec. 2017
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.627)


The Current State of Reinforced Concrete Box-shaped Wall Structures
By E. Inai
Performance Based Design and Maintenance Scenario with ASR Control
By K. Yamada, T. Yamamoto, Y. Sagawa, N. Ueda, Y. Kubo and S. Ogawa
Outlines of "Guidelines for Control of Cracking of Mass Concrete 2016"
By R. Sato and T. Kanazu
Design and Performance Evaluation of Concrete Structures by Coupled Method
By T. Maki and S. Tsuchiya
Application of the Concrete in Consideration of Environment to the Whole Structure of a Building
By K. Namiki, K. Nakatsuka, T. Kobayashi and K. Iwaya
7-Span Continuous PC Box Girder High-Speed Railway Bridge Sharing Substructure with Road Bridge -Hokuriku Shinkansen Kuzuryugawa Bridge-
By G. Tamamoto, T. Nishi, M. Abe and F. Endo
60 Years Ago of the Test Piece
By A. Ohta
Turning Point of the Age
By T. Ito

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