CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.56, No.1, Jan. 2018
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.628)


Happy New Year 2018
By K. Maruyama

Special Issue: State-of-the-art and Latest Technologies of Inspection and Monitoring for Concrete Structures

  1. Overview
    1.1 Monitoring for Infrastructure Maintenance
    By K.Nishikawa
    1.2 The Utilization of Monitoring Technologies for Infrastructure Maintenance and Research Examples
    By T.Nagayama
    1.3 Expectation for Sophistication of Inspection and Monitoring of Buildings by Utilizing Sensor Technology
    By T.Ohkubo
  2. Road Structures
    2.1 Development Trend of Inspection and Monitoring Technology in Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited
    By H.Kitagawa, K.Morishita and T.Fujino
    2.2 New Smart Infrastructure Management System of Metropolitan Expressway
    By H.Dobashi, Y.Nagata, M.Takano and T.Osada
    2.3 Application of Monitoring Technology to Maintenance of Social Infrastructure
    By M.Ishida and A.Hiroe
    2.4 Current State of Monitoring for Bridge Managed by Local Government and its Prospect
    By M.Kunieda
  3. Railway Structures
    3.1 Inspection and Maintenance Management for Concrete Bridges at JR East
    By M.Hirota, M.Tomori and D.Tsukishima
    3.2 The Development of Monitoring System for Railway Bridges and Viaducts
    By T.Nihei, M.Okamoto and T.Tadokoro
  4. Buildings
    4.1 Observation Inside of the Damaged Building by Robot
    By K.Fujii
    4.2 Utilization of Drone Technology for Buildings
    By H.Miyauchi
    4.3 Evaluation the Structural Soundness after the Earthquake based on the Vibration Monitoring at High-Rise Buildings
    By T.Yamamoto, M.Yasui, N.Narita and H.Kosaka
  5. Harbor Structures
    5.1 Inspection and Diagnosis System on the Lower Side of the Pier using a Radio Control Boat
    By T.Ogasawara, K.Mizuno, S.Motoyama and T.Sakai
    5.2 Applicability to Cavity Survey and Maintenance by Multichannel Ground Penetrating Radar for Reinforced Concrete
    By S.Yamada and T.Imai
    5.3 Monitoring of Effectiveness of Cathodic Protection Applied to Deteriorated Concrete Structures Caused by Salt Attack
    By Y.Kato, M.Yamamoto, S.Otani and K.Takeko
  6. Other Structures
    6.1 Quantitative Evaluation Method for Displacement Data of Dam Body, and its Case of Constant Monitoring Employed in Large Concrete Arch Dams
    By N.Okuma, H.Jinnouchi and T.Nishiuchi
    6.2 Evaluation of Degradation Progress and Rationalization of Inspection Frequency of Thermal Power Plant Equipment by using Markov Chain Model
    By K.Yasuda, S.Onitsuka, Y.Matsuura and T.Nakagawa
    6.3 Regional Implementation Support of SIP Development Technology by "MICHIMORI"
    By H.Matsuda, S.Nakamura, K.Yamaguchi and K.Takahashi
  7. Sensor, ICT and Robotics Technologies for Inspection and Monitoring
    7.1 Method of Measuring Tendon Force using Optical Fiber Sensor
    By N.Sogabe, S.Nakaue, K.Chikiri and M.Hayakawa
    7.2 Application of the Bridge Inspection Robotic Camera to Monitoring
    By Y.Fujiwara, K.Umezu, K.Tamaki and K.Tanno
    7.3 R&D of Quantitative Evaluation System of Cracks on Distant Slabs by Digital Image Analysis Technology
    By K.Horiguchi, M.Suzuki, M.Honzawa and J.Sakamoto
    7.4 The Outline Explanation of a Continuous Remote Monitoring System for Bridges with Power-Saving Wireless Sensors
    By K.Takase, H.Nishida, T.Kuroda and E.Sasaki

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