CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.56, No.2, Feb. 2018
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.629)


Oral Presentation
By M. Hayakawa
AIJ Guidelines for Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Foundation Members (Draft)
By T. Komuro, M. Iizuka and Y. Umemura
Control Technology for Air Voids in Concrete Using Microspheres that Assure Freeze-Thaw Resistance
By M. Hashimoto, D. Hayashi, N. Sakata and S. Hanehara
Response by the Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry for Recovery and Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake
By T. Oyamada, Y. Hakamada, T. Kojima and S. Isogami
Establishment of Dedicated Concrete Plant in Site and Efforts to Improve the Concrete Quality
By T. Mukohara, N. Kanasaki, K. Watanabe and K. Kobayashi
Construction of Miyaike Bridge (PC Structure) in Takamatsu Expressway
By Y. Kuboi, Y. Toya, T. Ihaya and K. Kuwana
Realization of the Super High Rise Mixed-use Building in which RC Columns and CFT Columns are connected with Rigid Joint
By T. Kawai, K. Nakane, S. Yamashita and N. Ozawa
With Enormous Calcium Compounds
By S. Yamamoto
Globalization is based on the Principle of Nature
By T. Ichinose

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