CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.56, No.3, Mar. 2018
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.630)


Current State of Students Employment in Civil Engineering
By H. Umehara
"Guideline on Utilization of Placing the Concrete Having 12 cm of Slump in Site (by MLIT)" from a Point of View on "Recommendations Related to Fresh Concrete" Published by JSCE
By K. Maekawa, C. Hashimoto and N. Sakata
Repair, Strengthening and Conservation of Reinforced Concrete Buildings over the Limit State due to Deterioration in Gunkanjima Island
By T. Noguchi
Identification of ASR and Estimation of ASR Damage by Double Color Staining Technique (Gel Stain Method)
By K. Shimase, H. Yamakawa and M. Kawamura
Construction of Large Scale Steel Truss Roof and S-Shaped Prestressed Concrete Roof -Building Construction Work "Industrial Sports Center in Tsu City"-
By T. Nonaka, K. Koike and R. Ito
Application of High Content Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Concrete to Site
By G. Shintani, K. Haze, T. Tanaka and T. Shiina
Fly Ash as an Attractive Material
By Y. Sato
Country Life
By R. Takata

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