CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.56, No.6, Jun. 2018
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.633)


Beyond the Assumption Becoming the Common Sense
By T. Kishi
Recent Developments in "Early Opening to Traffic" Concrete Pavement (ONE DAY PAVE)
By Y. Shimazaki, S. Kajio and M. Koyanagawa
Development of Quality and Durability Attainment Standards for Concrete Structures in Tohoku Region
By T. Tamura and A. Hosoda
Overview of the Findings of the Committee for Monitoring and Assessment of the Tarui Viaduct of the Organization for Promotion of Civil Engineering Technology of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers
By T. Kamada and M. Kunieda
Construction of Onahama Marine Bridge
By S. Ono, H. Matsunaga, N. Yoshida and T. Toshinami
50 Years with Concrete and Plastering Works
By R. Naniwa
Sand and Fish in the Seto Inland Sea Floor
By S. Shirokuni

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