CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.57, No.5, May 2019
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.644)


At Demolition of Buildings on Old Campus of Kyushu University
By T.Koyama

Special Issue:Prolonged Lifetime of Concrete Structures -Efforts to Improve Durability-

  1. General Remarks
    1.1 Making Concrete Structure Last Very Long
    By T.Miyagawa
    1.2 Efforts to Extend the Lifetime of Concrete Buildings
    By H.Hamasaki
    1.3 Research to Improve Durability of Concrete Structures Under Severe Conditions
    By H.Koga, H.Katahira and E.Nakamura
    1.4 Infrastructure Aging Problem and Expectation to Infrastructure-Saving
    By Y.Nemoto
    1.5 Proposal on Enhancement of Private Sector Initiatives for Maintenance and Management of Civil Infrastructure
    By M.Iwanami and T.Saito
  2. Efforts regarding Various Structures
    2.1 Efforts to Extend the Life of Highway Bridges
    By T.Nagatani
    2.2 Durability Enhancement Method for Port Concrete Structures
    By T.Yamaji
    2.3 Promotion of the Initiative for Extending Service Life of San-yo Shinkansen
    By N.Nomura, K.Araki and S.Aramaki
    2.4 Efforts to Extend the Life of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings
    By T.Oyamoto
    2.5 On the Distinction of Restoration in Modern Reinforced Concrete Architectures -Focusing on Seismic Retrofitting of Exposed Concrete-
    By K.Tanaka
  3. Investigation Techniques
    3.1 Efforts regarding Management
    3.1.1 Approach for Durable Concrete Bridge Deck in Tohoku Region
    By Y.Koda
    3.1.2 Bridge Management System in Aomori Prefecture
    By T.Jyomae
    3.1.3 Efforts to Improve the Durability of Concrete Protective Walls in the New Tomei Expressway (Atsugi Minami IC - Gotenba JCT)
    By T.Yamaguchi
    3.1.4 Initiatives to Address Human Resources Development Using AR Technology
    By Y.Enokidani, N.Imaizumi and D.Tanaka
    3.1.5 Action of the Extension of Life of the Building for Communication
    By T.Iwata, N.Shimizu and Y.Nagao
    3.2 Efforts regarding Design, Material and Construction
    3.2.1 Applications of Precast Concrete Products to Strengthening or Renewal Work Aiming at Extending the Service Life of Existing Concrete Structures
    By K.Ooka
    3.2.2 High-efficient Construction and Long-term Durability of Concrete Structures with Low Dust Emission Type Dry Spray System
    By M.Mori, M.Soukura and T.Okamura
    3.2.3 Renewal Technology for RC Slab on Steel Girder of Existing Highway Bridges -Development of High Durability Pre-cast PC Slab-
    By T.Kyutoku, A.Shiji and K.Morohashi
    3.2.4 Refurbishment Method of Existing RC Building
    By T.Akiyama

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