CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.57, No.6, Jun. 2019
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.645)


AI and Technology Transfer
By H. Nakamura
Summary of Revision of JSCE Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures "Test Methods and Specifications"
By K. Yokozeki and M. Hisada
Influence of High Temperature on Concrete Performance
By S. Asamoto, S. Okazaki, I. Kurashige, N. Chijiwa and Y. Kawabata
A Rule-Breaking Approach to a Better Understanding of the Method of Tests for Slump, Air Content and Compressive Strength
By S. Komatsu, Y. Kondo, N. Ikawa and C. Hashimoto
Precast Steel Reinforced Concrete Wall Structure Enabling Random Construction of Gate-type Frameworks
By Y. Imadzu, J. Toyama, T. Sugiyama and J. Hara
Do not Corrode
By Y. Shinoda
Music and Noise
By T. Sugimoto

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