CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.57, No.8, Aug. 2019
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.647)


The Road Leading to the Future will be developed with Concrete Pavement
By T. Kobayashi
Outline of Revision of JIS A 5308 (Ready-mixed Concrete)
By Y. Tsuji, Y. Masuda, K. Yoshimori and K. Tsujimoto
Application of Surface Quality Evaluation Method Based on Visual Inspection of Secondary Lining Concrete of NATM Tunnel and Approach to Surface Quality Improvement
By K. Watanabe, N. Sakata, A. Hosoda and K. Sato
Effects of Stiffness Reducing Agent for Fresh Concrete
By H. Nemoto, S. Hirano, S. Date and S. Hashimoto
Stormwater Management Project for Katsura River Right Bank Regional Sewerage: Iroha Donryu Tunnel and Donryu Pumping Stations
By T. Saito, F. Hayashi and H. Kumagai
Application of Caisson Bodies by Steel-Concrete Composite Structure -The Gaikan Expressway in Gaikan Ichikawa-Naka Construction-
By M. Anzai, J. Yoshizumi, H. Kobayashi and R. Ashizawa
Amount of Trace Harmful Substance that Concrete Can Accept By H. Sakanakura
On the 25th Anniversary of Kinki Chapter
By H. Morikawa
Garden of My Home
By Y. Ishikawa

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