CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.57, No.9, Sep. 2019
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.648)


Toward Sustainable "One and Only"
By T. Noguchi

Special Issue: Current Situation of UAV (Drone) Technology and Application for Reinforced Concrete Structures

  1. Outlines of Drone and Legal Provisions
    1.1 Drone Basics and Their Features
    By T. Ishida
    1.2 Drone Regulations in Japan
    By H. Hakkaku
  2. Inspection with Drone
    2.1 An Analytical Research on Accessibility of Inspection/Investigation Using Drone
    By M. Kanematsu
    2.2 Present Survey and Inspection by Visual SLAM Controlled Drone and their Mechanisms
    By A. Ishida
    2.3 Demonstration Experiment of Outer Wall Diagnosis Method by Infrared Device Using Drone
    By M. Makatayama
    2.4 Noncontact Acoustic Inspection of Outer Wall Using Acoustic Irradiation Induced Vibration from Drone
    By T. Sugimoto, K. Sugimoto, I. Uechi and N. Utagawa
    2.5 Crack Inspection of Concrete Using Images taken by Drone
    By K. Horigushi, M. Honzawa, N. Okabe and J. Tomiyama
    2.6 Inspection of Highway by Drone
    By R. Hori
    2.7 Inspection Techniques of Concrete Bridge Members using UAV
    By F. Uehan
    2.8 Maintenance Management Case of Offshore Breakwater of Special Structure Using Drone
    By T. Kubota, N. Tamura, K. Tanaka and M. Sato
  3. Construction Management with Drone
    3.1 Potentials of Drone on New Construction Site Management
    By M. Fujiyama
    3.2 Development of a Drone for Spraying Liquid Repair Material on Concrete Structures
    By K. Nimura, Y. Inoue, T. Hasegawa and T. Iyoda
    3.3 The Examples of Drone Application in Dam Construction
    By S. Hatakeyama, S. Dohi and N. Kosuga
  4. Disaster Management with Drone
    4.1 The UAV Technology and System Applied to the Area Management in Disaster Situation in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
    By M. Tamura, M. Murakami, T. Kanayama and J. Shindo
    4.2 Applications of Drone for Building Damage Survey in a Disaster
    By Y. Maida, T. Mukai and H. Miyauchi
    4.3 Damage Assessment Using 3D Surveying Technology -Take Aso-oohashi Bridge as an Example-
    By K. Masaki, S. Hiramatsu, K. Tokuda and Y. Watanabe
  5. Future of Drone
    5.1 Safety Planning for Drone Utilization in Architectural Field
    By H. Miyauchi
    5.2 Future Prospects in Architecture and Building Engineering
    By K. Motohashi
    5.3 MLIT's Efforts to Introduce Inspection Robot for Infrastructure
    By Y. Nitta

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