CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.57, No.10, Oct. 2019
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.649)


JCI's Contribution for Construction Industry to Shifting International Market
By T. Kanda
Outline of "Recommendation for Mix design, Production and Construction Practice of Concrete with Ferro-nickel Slag Aggregate or Copper Slag Fine Aggregate" of Architectural Institute of Japan
By M. Abe, T. Noguchi and H. Jinnai
Development of Silane-and-Siloxane-Based Surface Penetrant and Demonstration of its Long-Term Durability
By D. Hayashi, N. Sakata, Y. Matsuda and H. Endoh
Renovation Work of R & D Building in Consideration of Global Environment to Utilize Existing Social Infrastructure
By Y. Sakai, T. Ota, T. Sugiyama and H. Narita
Management Innovation of Concrete Structures
By K. Tanabe
LOHAS Engineering
By K. Demura

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