CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.57, No.12, Dec. 2019
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.651)


e-learning and "Learning style reform"
By Y. Hama
Outline of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) Guideline on Design and Application Methods of Galvanized Steel Reinforcement for Concrete Structures
By K. Takewaka, H. Hamada, T. Yamaguchi and Y. Akira
Guideline on Design, Manufacture and Construction Methods of Precast Concrete with Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag Sand
By H. Kawano, A. Ueno and T. Ayano
Activities Related to Concrete Using Copper Slag Fine Aggregate in the Kinki Area
By J. Yamasaki, T. Iwashimizu, N. Koyama and A. Maeda
Use of Carbon-free Fly Ash in Concrete Barriers of an Expressway Bridge
By T. Makita and H. Ichikawa
Manufacture of Ultra High Strength Precast Concrete Columns and Joint Method with Fc 300 N/mm2
By D. Homma, M. Kojima, T. Ishigami and M. Obayashi
Concrete as the Groundwork for Finishing
By Y. Yokoyama
The Rise of Skywalker
By H. Jinnai

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