Technical Visit of Gunkan Island (Battleship Island)

Overview of technical visit

A technical visit of Gunkan Island will be offered. This tour will include both transport to and from the island as well as a walking tour of the island itself.

Date Afternoon of 1st June, 2015 (after presentations)
(In case of rain, it will be postponed to June 2nd , 2015)
Rendezvous Nagasaki Brick Hall (Conference Venue)
Participation Fee Included in the registration fee
(The fee includes accident insurance)
Course Nagasaki Port -> Gunkan Island -> Nagasaki Port
(In Gunkan Island, "the special course" will be planned)
Safety Notice Submission of a "Signed agreement" is required by the Government of Nagasaki City in order to land on Gunkan Island.” For your safety and conservation of the island, please follow the agreement.
Weather Information Gunkan Island is notorious for its bad weather. The tour may be canceled depending on the weather conditions.

How to sign up for the technical visit

Please sign up for the technical visit at the same time as registration.

Want to know more about Gunkan Island?

Please read a brief explanation by Nagasaki Tourism Internet Committee.

Distant view of Gunkan Island

Abandoned RC buildings in Gunkan Island

Concrete revetment in Gunkan Island