CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.59, No.12, Dec. 2021
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.675)


Resolving Misunderstandings for Concrete and Cement
By K. Katori
Overview of JSCE’s “Manual for Maintenance of Highway Bridge Decks 2020”
By T. Ogata, K. Kubo, R. Shionaga and H. Higashiyama
Outline of “Recommendation for Detailing and Placing of Concrete Reinforcement”, Architectural Institute of Japan
By N. Onozato
Investigation of Bleeding Test Method of Fresh Concrete Using Small Container
By S. Otsuka, Y. Nakata, S. Sogo and N. Okuyama
Actual Condition Analysis of Pumping Data Using Operation Records of Concrete Pump with IoT
By Y. Nakata, S. Otsuka, A. Miyata and K. Yoshida
Labor Saving Using Precast Concrete inside Shield Tunnel
By M. Hatano, Y. Yoshimura, N. Matsumura and Y. Watanabe
A Review of Concrete Deformation Measurement using Digital Image Correlation Method
By T. Ochiai
Thinking about Nondestructive Testing of Concrete by Infrared Thermography
By T. Sakagami
Everyone was a Baseball Boy
By H. Hashida

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