CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.60, No.1, Jan. 2022
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.676)


In the New Year of 2022
By J. Niwa

Special Issue: New Technology and Business in the Concrete Field - SDGs, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

  1. The Future Visions and Expectations for the Concrete Field
    1.1 Precondition for Dreaming of Working on Concrete Based on Examination Into Consumption of Cement and Stock Quantity of Infrastructure
    By M. Ouchi
    1.2 Promotion of i-Construction by PRISM -Toward Economic Growth Through a Rewarding Concrete Field-
    By Y. Kimura
    1.3 JCI’s Activities -Recent Accomplishments and Challenges for Future
    By T. Kawai and Y. Nobuta
    1.4 The Prospects of Concrete Engineer of Cement Manufacturer for New Technology and Business
    By K. Kono
    1.5 Future Concrete Needs “Flexibility”
    By M. Manabe
    1.6 Essence of “The Stability” in the Construction Industry in the Era of Change
    By H. Takeda
  2. Advanced Technologies for Future Business in the Concrete Field
    2.1 Utilization of Self-healing Materials and Future Perspective: Crack Repair and Corrosion Resistance
    By K. Kawaai
    2.2 Recent Trends in the Utilization of the Deep Sea and Efforts toward the Construction of Deep-Sea Infrastructure
    By Y. Kawabata, K. Takahashi, T. Kasaya, M. Iwanami and T. Yamanaka
    2.3 Possibility and Foresight of Recycled Carbon Fiber for Concrete Ingredients
    By N. Ijuin
    2.4 3D Printing Technology and SDGs
    By T. Azuma
    2.5 Traceability of Precast Concrete Piles Using QR Codes from Manufacture to Construction
    By Y. Kiya
    2.6 Activity of Japan Architectural Drone Association and Investigation of Building by Using Drone
    By K. Motohashi
    2.7 Implementation of Sensing Technology Using Optical Fibers on Concrete Structures
    By S. Kobayashi, T. Torichigai, K. Mizuno and Y. Taira
  3. Examples of Recent Technology-Based Activities in the Concrete Field
    3.1 Collaborative Evolution of University Research and Business Development
    By T. Nagayama, Y. Hirose and H. Cho
    3.2 Application of Japanese Infrastructure Technology in the United States
    By M. Matsumoto
    3.3 Entrepreneurship and Prospects as a Concrete Engineer
    By Y. Shinoda
    3.4 How to Proceed with the Irrational Construction Industry Centered on in-law Humanity
    By M. Takeguchi and H. Nishiwaki
    3.5 Will the Off-load Pass from Over-age Lead to the Younger Generation ?!
    By A. Moriwake
    3.6 “Curing” for Concrete Becomes a Companion to Life B
    y A. Shono
    3.7 Maintenance of Structures by Professional Engineers
    By H. Yamashita
    3.8 Technology and Experience from Concrete Mix Design to Repair Works
    By H. Sasakura
    3.9 Effective Maintenance Technology for Concrete Structures to Implement Sustainable Society
    By H. Manabe, N. Ogura, S. Kishimoto and R. Hirokawa
    3.10 Structural-Sensing Expansion for Regional Area
    By H. Suganuma

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