CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.60, No.2, Feb. 2022
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.677)


Reduction of Environmental Load and Development of High-Performance Concrete Materials
By Y. Kitsutaka
Outline of “AIJ Standard for Structural Design and Calculation of Reinforced Masonry Buildings (Draft)”
By Y. Inoue, T. Nishida, K. Kusunoki, M. Kuroki, M. Teshigawara and E. Inai
A Study on the Factors Affecting Salt Scaling of Concrete
By T. Ishida, H. Kato and Y. Kubo
Effect of Waste Use by the Cement Industry on the Remaining Life of Final Disposal Sites
By T. Shinmi, Y. Kirino, H. Kato and K. Kawai
Damaged by Typhoon No.19 in 2019 Disaster Recovery Work for Civil Engineering Heritage “Showa Bridge”
By K. Narumi, H. Ikeda and H. Kobayashi
Optimization Using Precast Construction Method for Construction of Large-Scale Logistics Warehouse Assembled with RC Column and Steel Beam
By M. Takogawa, K. Goto, K. Iwami and N. Matsushima
Concrete Pavement Using Front Loader
By K. Saito, R. Kanayama, J. Noguchi and K. Asao
A Review of Study on the Mechanical Properties of Cementitious Materials Under External Sulfate Attack
By K. Sato
Impressions about Concrete-Related Standards
By K. Maruyama
Talking about the Pain in My Knee Joint during Seventy Years
By T. Yoshikane

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