CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.60, No.4, Apr. 2022
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.679)


By H. Naruse
Outline of “Recommendations for Mix Design and Construction Practice of High Fluidity Concrete”
By T. Kage and S. Koizumi
About the “Guide for Ensuring the Quality of Concrete Structures (Draft)” by the Tohoku Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
By K. Sato
Carbonating Additive That Adds High Functionality to Concrete from the Reaction with Carbon Dioxide
By T. Mori and M. Shoji
Implementation in Society of Rebar Arrangement Inspection System Using AI Technology
By T. Miyamoto, K. Taira, Y. Taira and N. Kobayashi
Examination of the Method Ensuring the Quality of Concrete at Yoshinogawa Sunrise Bridge
By Y. Yamashita, H. Sogo, Y. Murai and T. Aoyama
Efforts to Save Labor in On-Site Work at Kawazu IC Ramp Bridge
By N. Fukushima, T. Ihaya, I. Sakamoto and R. Inaba
Review on Study of Research Method of PC Tendons Fracture and Health Monitoring of PC Girder
By K. Fukuta
Hybrid Disaster Prevention Measures
By Y. Murosaki
Earthquakes and Me
By H. Araki

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