CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.60, No.6, Jun. 2022
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.681)


Analogical Relative Society
By K. Imamoto
Outline of JSCE “Seismic Performance Verification Guidelines for RC Underground Structures in Nuclear Power Plants” (2021)
By T. Matsuo, K. Maekawa, Y. Shigemitsu and H. Kumata
Revision of JSCE Recommendations for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Post-installed Anchors in Concrete
By H. Nakamura, M. Kunieda, T. Miki, H. Ito, T. Yamamoto and H. Taniguchi
Manufacturing Technology of Fc300 N/mm2 Ultra-High Strength and High Performance Concrete and Grout and Structural Characteristics as a Slender Column
By D. Honma, Y. Tanabe and M. Kojima
Anchorage Property of Cement-Based Adhesive Anchor with Frost Resist Acceleration for Cold Weather Construction
By Y. Takase, T. Abe, G. Orita and S. Ando
Shiino Hanaemi Ohashi Bridge Construction Report
By C. Linan, H. Matsunaga, S. Urano and Y. Miyata
Review of Recent Evaluation Method of the Pore Structure Using 1H-NMR and X-ray Imaging Techniques
By M. Ogino
Expectations for Concrete Engineering towards Carbon Neutrality Society
By S. Yoshimura
What Lies Beyond?
By Y. Uchida

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