CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.60, No.9, sep. 2022
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.684)


If You Can Keep Up
By T. Inukai

Special Issue: Recent Experiment and Measurement Technology on Concrete Structures

  1. Significance of Experiment in Concrete Engineering
    1.1 Experiment of Concrete Structures in Small Laboratory
    By T. Ichinose
    1.2 Distinctive Experimental Studies in the Field of Civil Engineering
    By J. Niwa
  2. Observation of the Inside of the Concrete Affecting Structural Performance
    2.1 Observation and Measurement of Fibers in Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    By Y. Uchida
    2.2 Measurement of Three Dimensional Internal Deformation of Concrete Specimen under Compressive Stress Using X-ray CT Image
    By T. Fumoto
    2.3 Complete Non-destructive and Non-contact Stress Measurement of Reinforcement Bar
    By M. Kanematsu
    2.4 Evaluation of Internal Damage in Concrete Structure by Means of Elastic Wave Tomography
    By T. Shiotani, H. Asaue, N. Okude and F. Kunisue
  3. Experiment and Structural Monitoring using Recent Measurement Technology
    3.1 Experimental Measurement by Means of Digital Image Correlation Method and its Coupling with Numerical Analysis
    By T. Miki
    3.2 Fundamental Study on Damage and Invariant of Deviatoric Strain of Reinforced Concrete Column -Measurement of Displacement by Using Motion Capture-
    By T. Matsui
    3.3 Study on Evaluation Method for Crack Width of Concrete Members Using Aerial Images
    By T. Mukai
    3.4 Displacement Distribution Measurement of Specimens and Real Structures with 3D Scanner
    By Y. Miyagawa, A. Shibayama and K. Kanazawa
    3.5 Building Damage Detection System with Sensors
    By K. Kusunoki, T. Mukai, A. Teramoto, S. Yagi and K. Yonezawa
    3.6 Structural Monitoring of Concrete Structures Using Optical Fiber Sensors
    By Y. Taira, N. Sogabe and M. Imai
    3.7 Development History of RFID Strain Sensing System and Application Examples
    By Y. Otsuka, A. Eriguchi and Y. Isaka
  4. Structural Tests with Complicated Boundary Conditions
    4.1 Experiment on Concrete Piles Using Large Scale Loading Apparatus
    By S. Kono, Y. Tosauchi, T. Fukuda, T. Hayakawa, H. Watanabe and T. Obara
    4.2 Structural Performance Evaluation for RC Multi-Story Shear Walls with Door Openings
    By Y. Sanada
    4.3 Loading Test on Box Culvert Subjected to Fault Displacement
    By T. Sasaki, K. Tanaka, K. Yamaguchi and H. Kumata
    4.4 Various Ideas for Procedures of Flume Tests to Clarify Behavior of Bridge Subjected to Tsunami Effect
    By H. Nakao and J. Hoshikuma
  5. Loading Tests on Large Scale and/or Existing Concrete Structures
    5.1 Shaking Table Test of a 30% Scale 6-story Reinforced Concrete Building at E-Defense
    By K. Sugimoto, Y. Masuda, M. Nishiyama and T. Matsumori
    5.2 Static Loading Test of a Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Frame with Non-structural Elements
    By M. Maeda, A. Shegay, S. Kishiki and R. Tazuke
    5.3 The Impact Loading Test on the Base Foundation of the Existing Reinforced Concrete Building
    By T. Kabeyasawa and T. Kabeyasawa
    5.4 Structural Performance Evaluation by Loading Experiment on Actual Prestressed Concrete Bridges
    By H. Uchibori

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