CONCRETE JOURNAL Vol.60, No.10, Oct. 2022
Japan Concrete Institute (JCI No.685)


Give It a Try
By H. Nakamura
National Museum of Western Art
By K. Imamoto
Overview of Environmentally Considered Concrete and its Future Prospects
By M. Hisada, S. Miyazato and N. Sakata
Outline of “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Hot-dipped Galvanized Rebars”
By M. Kanematsu, Y. Yamada, T. Mukai, N. Onozato, T. Kage and T. Noguchi
Fundamental Study on Color Tone Control of Mortar Using Coloring Pigments
By H. Jinnai and Y. Koyama
Frost Damage Restraint Technology with Special Paraffin Emulsion
By A. Okada, H. Maruta, H. Nakamura and T. Hayakawa
Effect of Increased Use of Blending Components in Cement on the Remaining Life of Controlled Type Landfills
By T. Shinmi, Y. Kirino, H. Kato and K. Kawai
Expansive Strain Distribution and Its Estimation Methods for Expansive Concrete Applied to Full Size Slabs and Wall Rails
By T. Maeda, S. Ito, M. Kozu and Y. Tsuji
Efforts to Improve the Quality of Lining Concrete and Countermeasures for Ground-Surface Settlement at the Large Section Tunnels
By J. Tatsumi and Y. Murakami
Changes in Seismic Design of Railways, Seismic Reinforcement and Design Examples -Introduction-
By H. Tomonaga
Changes in Seismic Design of Railways, Seismic Reinforcement and Design Examples (1) Brief History of Seismic Design for Railway Structures in Japan
By A. Toyooka
Overview of JCI Annual Convention 2022 in Chiba
By H. Shiohara
Peer Review Results of 2022 Proceedings of the Japan Concrete Institute
By K. Kitayama
A Literature Review on the Demolition and Recycling Techniques of Concrete Structures
By H. Takahashi
Against Climate Crisis and Anthropocene -Towards Zero Portland Cement
By Y. Tonooka
Experience to Management of Architecture Work at Southeast Asia
By Y. Fujimoto
So Complicated! KATAKANA Words
By H. Kawano

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