Properties of Salt Adsorption Type Epoxy Resin Concrete Repair Material and Examples of Application to RC Structures That Have Suffered Salt Damage
By T. Yamauchi and M. Furuta

Concrete Journal, Vol.60, No.11, Nov. 2022

Repair materials that consist of an inorganic material such as cement mixed with rebar corrosion inhibiting material are widely used for the repair of salt-damaged RC structures. However, there are few examples of the use of organic materials such as epoxy resins, which are widely used as repair materials, as a countermeasure against salt damage. Making possible the use of epoxy resin as a repair material for salt damage would allow the implementation of salt damage countermeasures across a wide range of applications. This paper reports on the properties of salt adsorption type epoxy resin made by adding a salt-adsorbing agent to organic epoxy resin as a repair material, and examples of its appliwcation to reinforced concrete structures that have suffered salt damage.
Salt damage, Repair material, Salt adsorption, Epoxy resin, Crack, Cross-section restoration, Rebar corrosion inhibiting material

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