Development of Assembled Precast Pier with Crimped Construction by Prestressing
-Unit-Type Construction with Factory-Produced Precast Concrete Members-
By K. Ikeno, K. Amaya, Y. Tanaka and M. Iwanami

Concrete Journal, Vol.60, No.11, Nov. 2022

In recent years, PCa construction has been attracting attention as a means of improving productivity in pier construction. Usually, PCa construction involves the fabrication of PCa members for the pier superstructure in a land yard near the site, their erection by floating crane after the driving of steel pipe piles, and placing of cast-in-place concrete at the joints (hereafter, “site PCa”). In this context, the authors propose a unit-type precast pier construction method in which all PCa members are manufactured at a factory, transported to the site by land transportation, and then PC-bonded together with prestressing (hereafter, “the proposed construction method”). This paper presents an overview of the construction method and experiments on the load capacity of PC press joints. This is followed by a comparison of the productivity and CO2 emissions of conventional cast-in-place, site PCa, and the proposed construction method.
Crimped construction by prestressing, Unit type member, Precast port pier, Loading experiment, Productivity, CO2 emissions

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