The Effects on Anchoring and Shearing Strength by Various Straight Length of Right Angle Hook of Shear Reinforcement
By Hidenori Tanaka, Takahiro Sakai, Osamu Taniguchi and Hideharu Naitou

Concrete Research and Technology
Vol.19, No.2, May. 2008 (Issue 47)

In this study, by using paramentric studies of the straight length of right angle hook, we researched the effects on anchoring and shearing strength of reinforced concrete(RC) members which have the hook of shear reinforcements. The static tensile and high stress cyclic tests about anchoring and then the static tests as RC about shearing were carried out. According to the both results, even though the length of hook was reduced by 37.5%(L=90mm) of the standard length(L=240mm), it was found that the anchoring and shearing strength were almost same as the result of standard case.
shear reinforcement, right angle hook, anchoring, shearing strength, shear span rati

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