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Guidelines and Standards

*Practical Guideline for Investigation,Repair and Strengthening of Cracked Concrete Structures-2009-

Some cracks are very harmful and should be repaired as soon as possible. A good guideline on how to deal with cracks in concrete structures has been needed. This guideline describes the standard methods recommended by the Research Committee of the JCI for the technical handling of cracks in concrete structures.

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Table of contents


*Guidelines for Control of Cracking of Mass Concrete 2016

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*Guidelines for Assessment of Existing Concrete Structures 2014

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Educational Books

*Fundamentals of Concrete Technology -Material and Construction-

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Committee Reports

*JCI Technical Committee Report on the Use of Seawater in Concrete

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Conference Proceedings

*Advances in Construction Materials Proceedings of the ConMat'20 [CD]

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*Fourth JCI/ACI Joint Seminar


*Third ACI/JCI Joint Seminar
   Under construction


*Second JCI/ ACI Joint Seminar


*Proceedings of First ACI/JCI Joint Seminar (Free download)


*Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies -SCMT3 [CD]

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*Proceedings of ICCS13, First International Conference on Concrete Sustainability [CD]

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*Proceedings of 2012 JCI-KCI-TCI Symposium on Recent Advancement of Technologies in Concrete Engineering (Free download)


*The Third Asia-Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures Proceedings [CD]

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*Proceedings of the JCI-RILEM International Workshop on Control of Cracking of Mass Concrete and Related Issues concerning Early Age Cracking of Concrete Structures (Book+CD)

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