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*Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Construction Materials:Performance, Innovations and Structural Implications

The conference is held for stduies or applications on construction materials wildly.
The first conference was held in Ottawa,CANADA.The conference is held in CANADA and JAPAN alternately.
This publication contains 6 invited lectures, 6 keynote lectures and 209 technical papers from 25 countries presented at the 4th International Conference on Construction Materials:Performance,Innovations and Structural Implications that held in Nagoya,Japan,August 24-26, 2009.

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*Proceedings of 8th International Symposium on Utilization of High-Strength and High-Performance Concrete (CD-R)

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Proceedings of the JCI International Workshop on Ductile Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites (DFRCC)

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International Symposium on Latest Achievement of Technology and Research on Retrofitting Concrete Structures

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This technical report is a result of a 3-year work by the technical committee on continuous fiber reinforced concrete (JCI TC952) which was set up to collect information on the current technical developments of CFR in Japan.   The report, first published in Japanese in July 1998, comprises (i) the current state of continuous fiber sheets in terms of commercial products, design guidelines and field applications, (ii) the survey results on the specifications and the test methods on continuous fiber reinforcing materials, and (iii) the assessment technique newly developed for continuous fiber reinforced concrete structures.  This report is the first ever publication in English to provide readers with the most comprehensive and latest information on CFR activities in Japan.

Retrofit by CFR Sheets
Construction methods, characteristics, materials, past and present researches, evaluation methods, points to note in design, field applications, etc.

Test Method
Test method for tensile properties, flexural tensile properties, tensile properties at bent section, creep failure, long-term relaxation, high cycle tensile fatigue, coefficient of thermal expansion by thermo-mechanical analysis, alkali resistance, bond between continuous fiber sheet and concrete, etc.

Life Cycle Assessment
Analysis of characteristics and comprehensive assessment of CFR concrete structures, etc.

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JCI Transactions is the annual publication in English by the Japan Concrete Institute.  This publication is intended to serve as a means to let people outside Japan know about Japan's research activities in the field of concrete technology.  Each issue consists of the translated versions of some 60-70 out of the total 400+ papers published in the JCI Annual Conference Proceedings and Concrete Research and Technology.  Volume 22 which was published in June 2000 covers topics ranging from design of structures to construction practice.  The Transactions provides readers with a broad view of the research activities and at the same time links to particular researches of interest through the references cited in the papers.

Fresh concrete
Hardened concrete, material properties
Creep deformation, thermal stress, fracture mechanics
Durability, repair, strengthening
Fiber reinforcement
Seismic performance, frame analysis
Prestressed concrete, mixed structures
Structural members
Crack analysis, shear, torsion
Joint, bond, anchor

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The two volumes of these FRPRCS-3 proceedings include the latest information on the development and applications of FRP in various parts of the world delivered as keynote lectures, "State-of-the-art report on retrofitting and strengthening by continuous fiber" and Design concepts and procedures for continuous fiber reinforced concrete" and 160 contributed papers.The proceedings offer the most recent research results and findings of academics, researchers and practitioners from 20 countries.  The proceedings provide readers with a clearer and broader perspective on the use of FRP as reinforcement in concrete structures.

Material properties and its testing methods
Structural behavior of  reinforced and  prestressed concrete
Design procedure
Repair and strengthening
Practical applications

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Proceedings of the JCI-KCI Joint Seminar on Recent Activities in the Field of Concrete

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Seminar on Post-Peak Behavior of RC Structures Subjected to Seismic Loads Recent Advances and Challenges on Analysis and Design

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The First fib Congress 2002 National Report Recent Research Activities in JCI [CD-ROM]

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Proceedings of JCI Symposium on Design, Construction and Recent Applications of Porous Concrete

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