Experimetal Research of Creep Properties of Ultra-High-Strength Concrete
By Taku Matsuda, Hiroshi Kawakami and Yoshikatsu Nishimoto

Concrete Research and Technology
Vol.19, No.2, May. 2008 (Issue 47)

Creep tests were conducted on ultra-high-strength concrete with a design strength level of 150 N/mm2, with the parameters being the loading stress, loading age, stepwise increase in the loading stress, and application of high temperatures at early ages. As a result, the creep strain decreased as the loading stress decreased, as the loading age increased, and with high temperature curing at early ages. Also, when using a conventional prediction model, it was found necessary to correct the model by adequately incorporating the effects of the loading stress, loading age, and early-age high temperature curing, so that the creep behavior of an actual structure can be more accurately predicted.
ultra-high strength concrete, crrep, loading condition, high temperature curing at early ages

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