Comparison of Spatial Structure between Simulated and Real Microstructures in Cement Pastes
By Yoshihiro Yoneyama and Shin-ichi Igarashi

Concrete Research and Technology
Vol.19, No.2, May. 2008 (Issue 47)

Microstructure in cement pastes revealed by BSE image analysis was quantitatively compared with a structure simulated by CEMHYD3D. At a water/cement ratio of 0.25, the spatial structures of unhydrated cement particles and coarse capillary pores were sufficiently simulated by the model. At water/cement ratios of 0.40 and 0.60, judging from visual impression, the simulated structures are similar to real ones. However, its geometric features in terms of spatial statistics, especially capillary pores do not agree with the real structure. This discrepancy results from the differences in porosity and pore size to be compared in the two methods. It should be noted that quantitative comparison between real and simulated structures is meaningful only when there are little pore finer than the resolution in each image.
BSE Image, Simulation, Stereology, Two-Point Correlation Function, Structure Distance, Spatial Statistics

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