Shear and Deformation Capacity of Columns using Hybrid Fiber reinforced Cementitious Composites
By Masaki Maeda, Kazuya Tsurugai, Takumi Nakamura and Joji Sakuta

Concrete Research and Technology
Vol.22, No.1, Jan 2011 (Issue 55)

In this paper, static loading tests on columns using hybrid fiber reinforced cementitious composites (HFRCC) under varying axial load were carried out. HFRCC columns were provided with higher deformation capacity and fewer damage such as residual crack width and crusing of cover consrete comparing to a column using normal concrete. Evaluation method of shear and deformation capacities of HFRCC columns was investigated based on test data including previous experiments. The shear and deformation capacities can be predicted by addition of the tensile strength of HFRCC, t, to lateral renforcement, pwwy, in the design formula in AIJ's Guidelines. Moreover, the condition to prevent brittle failure after flexral yielding was studied.
hybrid fiber reinforced cementitious composite, column, shear strength, ductility, damage mitigation

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