Study on Mixing Method of Ultra High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete by Forced-Mixing Type Mixer
By Jun Sakamoto, Takefumi Shindoh and Kimitaka Uji

Concrete Research and Technology
Vol.22, No.1, Jan 2011 (Issue 55)

This paper reports test results of mixing method applying forced-mixing type mixer for the purpose of reducing mixing time of ultra high strength fiber reinforced concrete. From some test results, it was investigated that the mixing time with that type mixer could be reduced less than 50% comparing with that of ordinary tyoe mixer by settiong up the mixing speed and product of circumferential speed of two type of shafts appropriately. Also it was investigated that the qualities of the mixing concrete applying that type mixer in short time were satisfied with required qualities.
ultra high strength fiber reinforced concrete, forced-mixing type mixer, mixing

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