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Japan Concrete Institute now accepts your registration of self-recommendation for the Fellow Membership 2024. If you are qualified and want to apply, please fill out the necessary information on this application form and send it by the deadline to the address written below. The Review Board will be held once a year and certified people will be announced on our website and in our Concrete Journal.

  • Deadline: Not later than October 31st, 2023
  • Certification Date: April 1st, 2024

Fellow Membership qualification and the privileges of membership are as follows:

(1) Fellow Membership qualification
A person who has a deep knowledge and insight of concrete technology and experience in a responsible and leading role serving society for a long time, also, is expected to continue to play a leading role in further revitalizing JCI and promoting technical activities and technology transmission, is regular member corresponding to any of the following.
  1. A Meritorious Deed Award Winner
  2. A person who has been a JCI member for not less than 30 years (including as a student member) and will be 60 years old.
    FY2024 applicable person
    1) Those who joined before 1994
    ⇒ The first two digits of membership number are 65 and to 94
    2) Those who will reach 60 years old on March 31, 2023
    ⇒ Date of birth is before April 1, 1964.
(2) Privileges
  1. Participation fee
    • For Annual Convention: same price with student member
    • For lectures and symposium: same price with student member
  2. Convivial party fee
    • For Annual convention: same price with student member
How to apply:
Please send the application form by E-mail or FAX. The application form can be downloaded here.
Where to apply:
Japan Concrete Institute
Division of Fellow Membership application

E-mail: / Fax:+81-3-3263-2115

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