Concrete Research and Technology
Vol.16, No.1, Jan 2005 (Issue 37)


Accelerating Impressed Current Test of Anode Embedded in Concrete for Cathodic Protection
By Taiga Suginoue, Hiroshi Seki and Toshiyuki Aoyama
Modeling of Effective Diffusion Coefficient of Substances in Concrete Considering with Spatial Properties of Composition Materials
By Yoshitaka Kato and Taketo Uomoto
Chemical Prestress of Expansive-Concrete-Filled Steel Tube with Flat Bar in Center
By Kazuhiko Ohta, Suenori Arinaga and Masami Hanai
Relationship of Internal Flaws and Temperature Distribution Changes in Slabs Based on the Thermography Method Using Asphalt Pavement Heat
By Juichi Kanamitsu, Mutsuhito Yanai and Tetsukazu Kida
Estimation of Punching Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Lightweight Concrete and Practicality to Highway Bridge Slabs
By Hiroshi Higashiyama, Mutsumi Mizukoshi, Shigeyuki Matsui and Kenji Oda
Limit Displacement under Compressive Axial Force of R/C Columns using High Strength Concrete and High Strength Steel
By Yuji Ishikawa and Hideki Kimura
Design of Mix of New-model Expanding Material and Research on the Applicability.
By Takashi Sakuma, Yukikazu Tsuji and Masaki Ishimori
Four Misunderstandings in Uniaxial Tension Test of Concrete
By Hiroshi Akita, Hideo Koide and Hirozo Mihashi
Determination of Degrees of Hydration and Water/Cement Ratios by Three Dimensional Particle Size Distributions of Unhydrated Cement in Concrete
By Shin-ichi Igarashi, Yoshinori Ikezaki and Akio Watanabe

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