Concrete Research and Technology
Vol.16, No.2, Mar 2005 (Issue 38)


Experimental Study on Shrinkage and Expansion of High-Strength Concrete Containing Reactive Aggregate
By Yutaka Kimachi
Deformation and Fracture Behaviors of Concrete under Impact Triaxial Compressive and Hydrostatic Loadings
By Masahiro Morishita and Tsuyoshi Asonuma
Applicability of accelerated Leaching Experimental Methods for Long-term Estimation on Performance of Cementitious Engineered Barrier Material
By Takeshi Yamamoto, Michihiko Hironaga, Kazuko Haga and Kazuhito Niwase
Equivalent SDOF Model for Asymmetric Buildings Subjected to Bi-Directional Ground Motion
By Kenji Fujii, Yoshiaki Nakano and Yasushi Sanada
Experimental Study on Seismic Behaviour of RC Member Deteriorated by Chloride Induced Corrosion
By Koichi Kobayashi
Study on Estimation for Mixing Action of CSG (Cemented Sand and Gravel) by Gravity Force and on Numerical Simulation Method of that Action
By Takeshi Ohtomo, Kazunori Ito, Katsuhiko Hirakawa and Masayuki Kusumi
Relationship between Water-cement Ratio and Strength in Structure and Other Properties of High-strength Moderate-heat Cement Concrete
By Koji Akisato, Kazutosi Fujii, Hiroyasu Naruse and Torao Kemi
Development of Self-Healing Concrete with Heating Device
By Tomoya Nishiwaki, Hirozo Mihashi, Byung-Koog Jang and Minoru Sugita
The Invention of a New Manufacturing Machine of Fine Concrete Aggregate with Excellent Grain Shape and Grading
By Haruyuki Takeshita, Yosuke Tanizawa, Eitoku Ichikawa and Kazuyo Osaka
Proposal of Method of Selecting Structure that should be inspected by Priority based on Repair-Risk
By Yoshitaka Kato and Taketo Uomoto
Strength Deterioration of R/C Columns using High Strength Concrete and High Strength Steel due to Cyclic loading of the Same Drift Angle
By Yuji Ishikawa and Hideki Kimura

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